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  • Weekly Accountability Sessions- Stay on track with your goals and plans.
  • Monthly Masterclasses - Topics such as Business Planning, Brand Development, On Camera Confidence and Wealth Mindset etc.
  • Open Frame Coaching- Ask anything coaching sessions. Get support for situational challenges.
  • KM Takeover-Beta test your speech, course, pitch or ideas.


  • Spotlight - Targeted Business and Personal Development Coaching and Feedback
  • Monthly Virtual Co-Working Session -Live Zoom workgroup session. Just because you are a solopreneur doesn't mean you have to work alone.
  • Have the opportunity to network with Kim Coles and the entire KimUnity Mastermind.
  • Master Your Plan, Master Your Year Bootcamp- In this training you vision and map out your entire year complete with action steps that ensures success.
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Empowering you to create the life you want.

You’ve got big dreams. We’ve got the training and  tools to help you turn them into reality. KimUnity Mastermind is a membership program designed to inspire and create life mastery, business mastery and relationship mastery. Each month’s new trainings, resources and coaching will be presented with your ultimate success in mind.

Be Unstoppable

The coaching provided by Kim Coles and Dr. E. Jaye Johnson encourages you to be unstoppable.  Together they bring more than 60 years experience in business, marketing, arts, entertainment and personal development; providing feedback and ideas that challenge you to take consistent massive action towards your goals. 

Network, Connect, Create

KimUnity Mastermind provides a supportive, diverse community of successful entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and share. As a part of the KimUnity Mastermind you are encouraged to network with other members, collaborate and create projects to work on together,  brainstorm and share resources. Use the membership beta test your ideas and try new things.  This is a safe space to be inspired and supported.

"Everyone is so supportive of one another. We learn from each other's questions and experience. The group coaching is excellent, yet remains intimate and personal."

Adonia Dickson
CEO, Adonia Leads

"Being in the KimUnity Mastermind is like Christmas every Monday and Wednesday! 😁 You are definitely in the right place."

Jamie J. Brown
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Advocate & Mentor

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What is included in the KimUnity Mastermind?
Weekly ongoing training, resources, coaching and networking that is designed to educate, engage and empower you in all areas of business and life. The group comes together in a safe space and the support is warm, authentic and uplifting.

What if I can’t afford it?
In order to grow, you will indeed need to invest time, money and focus. Most coaching programs of this kind are much more costly and usually offer less time and access to the customized resources and expert coaching. The KimUnity Mastermind is unique because you are always seen and heard.  That is just the way we roll. You will grow your network and your net worth, too.

Can I sign up later?
Enrollment is currently open in preparation for 2022. When we reach capacity the doors will close. Jump in now don't wait one more moment!

Do I have to attend all the sessions?
Not to worry, if you cannot attend live, we record everything so you will have 24/7 access on our membership's private site and in the Facebook group!

How do I know if it is for me?
The KimUnity Mastermind is for you if you are a driven and heart centered business owner, coach, speaker or author or you want to finally make a bigger impact and serve others.  Or perhaps you have great ideas that you want to get expert advice and ongoing guidance as you implement. For the last year, our current members have grown past their comfort zone to step up and shine. You will too!

Do I really get to work with Kim Coles?
Yes. A Lot!  Kim is very "hands on” in this membership

Do I get a personal coach?
This is a group coaching program that feels totally personal because we meet often and stay engaged. Kim And E. Jaye get to know you and your goals and are committed to seeing you succeed!

Can I cancel my membership?
You can cancel anytime, but you won't probably won’t want to!

Is there a trial period?
In a word... No. Commit fully now and great things will happen as you put the effort in.

Monthly Membership

$199 per month


Annual Membership

$1999 per year

Save $500 off monthly membership.


KimUnity Mastermind

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